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How to choose the right online casino in Canada

    Playing online pokies is a rather common pass time activity in Canada. More than 13% of adult Canadians  gamble on a regular basis and more than half of those do it online. Whether they like playing online pokies, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette or any other online casino games, Canadians choose to do it online now more than ever before.

    The reasons behind online casinos’ popularity are easy to understand. They’re convenient, attractive, they offer very profitable bonuses, have thousands of pokies in their game collections and they allow users to even play directly from their mobile devices. It is obvious why Canadians choose to play online rather than go out and play from brick and mortar casinos.

    But this ever increasing popularity of online casinos comes with a couple of risks for the end-users. Since operating an online casino is clearly a very profitable business, many owners have started cutting corners by offering their services without a gambling license, offering manipulated games with lower payout ratios or even withholding or delaying withdrawals.

    This is clearly a problem for the users. Rogue casinos are oftentimes difficult to differentiate from reputable ones. But by learning a couple of tricks, doing some research and paying attention to a couple of details, you can ensure that your online gaming is safe, enjoyable and even profitable if you play your cards right.

    Here’s a couple of things you need to take into account before choosing the best online casino for you.

    1.  Make sure the casino is licensed

    As I was saying earlier, playing in a licensed online casino is a must if you want to have a good gambling experience. A licensed casino answers for its actions in front of regulatory bodies, needs to obey laws and regulations and is clearly a much better destination for your gaming needs than an unlicensed one who makes its own rules.

    To check whether a casino is licensed, you can either look in the footer of their website and get the license number or get it from the terms and conditions. The license number can later be checked on the official website of the regulatory body that issued it, to make sure that it is valid.

    This should always be your first step whenever you’re thinking of joining a new online casino.

    2.  Check what providers are behind that casino

    It’s a well known fact that software providers can make or break your gaming experience. Contrary to popular belief, the software providers are responsible for a lot more than just the titles in that casino’s game collection.

    Providers also stand behind the general way an online casino operates, being a skeleton on which the casino as you see it is actually built. How stable, user-friendly and how well optimized a casino is for mobile are all things that depend on the software provider behind it.

    To check what providers contribute to the casino’s operation, you usually need to scroll down on the homepage of the official website and check the footer. Providers are usually listed in the footer with their official logos.

    If you are a seasoned online casino player in Canada, you already know what your favorite games are and what software providers you want to see listed. In case you’re not that familiar with online casinos yet, you should know that the best and most popular casino software providers in Canada are NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and Yggdrasil.

    3.  Check the welcome package

    All online casinos fight each other to get you to join them. That is why all of them offer some form of welcome bonus or welcome package. These offers are usually very attractive and come in one of these forms:

    • Free signup bonus
    • Percentage bonus on your first deposit or series of deposits
    • Free spins bonus on your first deposit or series of deposits
    • Percentage bonus + free spins welcome package

    All these offers are attractive and may determine you to join, but there are actually a couple of things you should be very careful about.

    • Check the wagering requirement : all casino bonuses come with a wagering requirement attached, meaning that once you claim a bonus, you will need to place bets in total value of a certain amount before you can withdraw any winnings. This can turn out to be a trap. While most casinos keep the wagering requirements anywhere between 20x and 50x, others go as high as 125x. Clearly, the higher the wagering requirement, the less likely you are to ever actually meet them.
    • Check the maximum withdrawal accepted : while this is usually especially true for free sign up bonuses, some casinos apply this rule to deposit bonuses as well. Basically, by claiming a bonus, you agree that regardless of how much you manage to win playing with that bonus, only a specific amount will be available for withdrawal. This is usually set around 100$ and you can imagine how frustrating it can be to win 10,000$ and to only be able to withdraw 100$.
    • Always read the bonus terms of use: you should never accept or claim a bonus before checking all the rules behind it. Some bonuses can only be used if you agree to only place bets of a certain maximum value while playing to meet the wagering requirements. Not following these rules can lead to your winnings being confiscated or even to your account getting locked.

    4.  Check online reviews

    One of the best things about us living in this era is that we can join communities of people with the same interests very easily. There’s a ton of forums, reviews websites, subreddits or facebook communities dedicated to online casino players. While some of them will provide you with inaccurate information in their attempt to promote certain online casinos, you will also be able to get real, honest reviews from other users.

    Reading about the gaming experiences of other players like you can be extremely helpful before joining an online casino in Canada. The power of our online communities is incredible these days and it is something you should always take full advantage of.


    As you can see, there are certain risks you face whenever you want to join a new online casino. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, but with the right mindset, a little discipline and proper research, you can always make sure you choose the right casino for your needs. Follow the rules above and you will ensure that your gaming experiences will be pleasurable, fair and even profitable.